Legal Services


Our legal department makes it easier and faster for you to access quality legal advisory services in Zimbabwe. Our service offering is tailored and focused towards providing results driven legal solutions which are pragmatic, efficient and effective. Whichever of our departments you consult, our professionals will work diligently to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives and will, where required, form multidisciplinary teams which are able to give you seamless end-to-end legal support via effective knowledge-sharing and collaboration between them.


Contact Us today for reliable, professional assistance with:


Commercial Advisory Services


We offer Commercial Advisory Services that are uniquely tailored to your business' unique needs. As such, we first strive to understand your project and its intended outcomes as this enables us to better assist you and your business to counteract risk and enter into business arrangements that not only protect your interests, but are also advantageous to you.

In so doing, our team of specialist contract draftsmen are ready to assist you with:

  • general corporate agreements
  • service level agreements
  • off-take agreements
  • framework agreement
  • partnership agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • lease agreements
  • distribution agreementes

Foreign Direct Investment


We provide and advise foreign companies on investment regulations, sectoral caps and regulatory issues relating to various business sectors. As such, we are ready and willing to advise you on:

  • entry strategy
  • structuring of business vehicles
  • related labor and employment issues
  • trade related issues which directly impact your investment such as preferential market access to Zimbabwean companies, localization of technology, transfer of technology, and indigenization policies;
  • regulatory and legal frameworks on Special Economic Zones (SEZs)




With respects the mining industry, we are able to assist you with:


  • the negotation, structuring and drafting of various mining related agreements including sale agreements, contract mining agreements, supply and off-take agreements, land use and compensation agreements, mineral washing/screening/crushing agreements, equipment rental agreements, and operation and management agreements to name a few;
  • the negotiation, structuring and drafting of MOI, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, and joint venture agreements tailored for mining entities;
  • submission ofand registration of documentation with the Mining Commission in the relevant districts.

Infrastructure & Energy Projects


We are available to assist you with commercial and transactional issues from conceptualization to the implementation of infrastructure and energy projects to ensure full compliance with Zimbabwean law and International Best Practice.


To this end, let us help you:

  • conduct due diligence on projects and draft all forms of contracts thereto associated;
  • draft shareholder and related agreements, financing agreements, construction agreements, property agreements, and sector specific supply agreements (e.g. power purchase agreements);
  • obtain the various licenses, approvals and permits required for the implementation of projects;
  • understand the regulatory and legal frameworks;
  • protect your interests when entering joint ventures.

Labour Relations


Human capital is often the most important resource in an organisation and good advice can assist you to get the maximum out of the employment relationship while avoiding negative unintended consequences and mitigating unnecessary risk.


Here, we can aide you with:


  • drafting employment contracts for strategic and executive level employees
  • structuring of salaries and/or commission structures
  • development of employer policies and procedures including policy manuals specific to your business
  • preparation and initiation of disciplinary and incapacity hearings
  • conflict management and dispute resolution
  • consultation on Zimbabwean Labour Laws and the effects thereof
  • HR Due Diligences

Sector Regulations


We can also help you get a better understanding of the laws and regulations governing the sector in which you wish to invest. In so doing, we will gladly send you the respective Acts and Statutory Instruments regulating your business as well as a summary of the key pertinent points that you should be aware of. Contact us now and stay informed about your industries laws and regulations.