Other Licenses


Registration with the National Social Security Authority

Once you become an employer, it is essential for you to register all your local employees with NSSA’s Pension Scheme and Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fund (WCIF). The former is designed to provide retirees with a pension income when they have reached retirement age or become incapacitated to work, while the latter pays out compensation where a person suffers loss of income as a result of an accident at work. Both are compulsory for everyone in formal employment and the obligation lies with you to register the business and your workforce.

Thereafter, the pension scheme and WCIF contributions are deducted from the employee’s salary while you will also be required to match and remit the combined contribution to NSSA each month along with the corresponding payroll return. Contact us now and we will not only help you with registration with the pension fund, but also ensure that all the requisite returns are accurate and always submitted on time.


Application for Vendor Number 

A vendor number is a unique number issued to business entities that wish to supply the government and its related agencies. Therefore, before you can be considered for possible business with the government, you will need a vendor number, providing the following documentation and information during the application process thereof:


  • Application letter on your company letterhead;
  • Copies of all company documents;
  • Proof of residence for 2 directors;
  • Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Original certified copy of stampeed bank statement; 


Once registered, the vendor number will be assigned to the company for as long as it is operational. We handle this process on your behalf from start to finish while you see to the day to day running of your business.


Registration with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe

Once you have a vendor number, you are now able to register the company with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) which oversees the supply of all products and services to government departments as well as the related tenders. Here, you are required to provide the following:


  • Company Profile;
  • Copies of all company documents;
  • CVs for management and key personnel;
  • Financial/Bank Statements;
  • Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • NSSA Registration;
  • Vendor Number

Contact us now and leverage on our experience in dealing with PRAZ (formerly the State Procurement Board) to have your application processed in the shortest possible timescales. 


Affiliation with Sectoral Bodies & Associations


It is highly beneficial for your organization to be affiliated to your relevant Industry Associations to gain access to key customers, industry insights, and lobby government for preferential laws and business conditions. We can help you identify and affiliate your business with the most beneficial associations in this respect, handling the application process on your behalf from start to finish.