Our Story

In early 2009, five professionals from different fields met as they usually did at the end of each day to discuss business opportunities under the recently instituted Government of National Unity. Filled with promise, hope, and excitement, they discussed a number of potential projects, before finally settling on one. They tasked one another to prepare individual reports from their areas of expertise to create a blueprint on the way forward and when these were collated, it was as if they had packaged the business in a box.


Pleased of what they had just accomplished in 48 hours, they sought to bring this service to the public; a service where the entrepreneur came in for consultation with an idea and a dream and left with not only a comprehensive roadmap on how to get their business compliant, operational, and profitable, but the support services from a qualified, experienced, and highly skilled team to handle all of these tasks on their behalf as well.


Unfortunately, as the economy roared back to life, four of the five went back to their formal employment, leaving on Mr. Eustice Chinzou to carry the dream onward. Focusing on his key competencies of business planning and accounting, he established Wealth Consultants a few months thereafter, formalising a service he had been offering informally before. Building on his client base through word of mouth referrals and return clients, he soon established himself as one of the foremost business planning consultants in the country, leading him to rebrand to The Business Planner in 2011.


Throughout this period, The Business Planner never lost sight of the objective to create a one-stop-shop where entrepreneurs can have all of their business’ start-up needs addressed by a team of experienced, competent, and qualified professionals in the shortest turnaround times possible; a team that has been assembled as we have successfully met the varying demands of our diverse client base over the past decade.


Yes, our dream is undergoing fulfilment. Call us today and we will likewise map yours out and give it back to you as a fully functional and compliant business enterprise; a Business-in-a-Box!

Mission Statement 


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and investors to carefully plan their business enterprises and investments by developing custom comprehensive roadmaps that enable them to set up registered, licensed, and fully compliant businesses in the shortest possible timescales by leveraging our experience and knowhow of industry regulations and requirements across a diverse range of economic sectors


Our Values



We are bound by Zimbabwean Law and strive to ensure that all our clients are compliant at all times



We are a team of professionals from different backgrounds working towards one common goal - your business' success



Throughout the lifespan of our firm, we have embraced innovation as a catalyst for our growth and the continual improvement of our service offering and we will continue to do so for the survival of our firm, and the advancement of your enterprise



Our passion has got us this far, keeps us going, and is overflowing. Allow us to share it with you and infuse our drive into the early and hardest stages of your business